Coming Events

Sharing the Adventure - Wednesday Fellowship
Join us for our upcoming Sharing the Adventure fellowship sessions. We meet here at the church from 12:00-1:30 pm. We start with a potluck meal, please bring sandwiches, soup or a salad to share. Then follow with a time of prayer, hymn or chorus singing, and a short program. 
Coming up:

May 3rd - We will share our Christian faith
May 17th - Begin book study. Why? Making Sense of God's Will by Adam Hamilton. Chapter 1: Why Do the Innocent Suffer?
June 7th - Why? Chapter 2: Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?
June 21st - Why? Chapter 3: Why Can't I See God's Will for My Life?
July 5th - Why? Chapter 4: Why God's Love Prevails. Conclusion.

Board Meeting
Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 21st, Board members please plan to be present for this important time together. Be aware, this conflicts with another function, you will hear more, if you are a Board member.

The Deacons purchased some CDs for use by members of the congregation. Available for check-out are: Grace Happens Here and He Still Moves Stones by Max Lucado, and The New Testament, NKJV, read by Johnny Cash. Stop by or contact the office if you’d like to check one out.


​More Resources

For more information about our life together at the Community Church, feel free to browse our newsletters, calendar and ministry opportunities.
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