Who We Are

     The Community Church of Issaquah is a Christ-centered church. We believe in Jesus Christ as the One who revealed God and gave his life so we might have real life through his grace.  Our gratitude to Christ drives us to worship with joy, serve with heart and hands, study God’s Word, and love God with all we are and love our neighbor as ourselves. 

     We are an inclusive church on the progressive side. All are welcome here- believers and seekers, doubters, regardless of race, age, background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliations. Being progressive means that we welcome diversity and encourage discussion of differences as we walk the journey of faith together. We appreciate good questions more than simple answers because they encourage us to examine what we believe and study God’s Word more.

     We are also a church who sees ourselves as a family of believers. Calling ourselves a family means we accept each other with our strengths and also our flaws. Each person is called by God to “shine their light” in their own unique way. So we encourage each other's gifts and insights. We do our best to work together, support one another, love, and even correct one another- all in love.   

     And the Community Church of Issaquah is a faith and justice church. We believe that an important part of following Jesus is helping people, because Jesus cares for all people. We support Tent City IV for the homeless, contribute to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and the local food bank, fight human trafficking, collect school supplies for Tools4School, we have helped build a school in Haiti, and helped youth in need in Mexico, and we protest against injustice here in our nation. Serving others in Jesus’ name is in our DNA.

"To me, faith in Jesus Christ that is not aligned to social justice -- that is not aligned with the poor -- it's nothing."
    -Bono (lead singer of U2)
Studying and sharing at our annual Spiritual Life Retreat at Camp Burton on Vashon Island.