Sermons by Pastor Barb Reid
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Dec 8, 2019 -- "Isaiah's Stump Speech"  (Isaiah 11:1-10)

Dec 1, 2019 -- "Living as Advent People"  (Isaiah 2:1-5)

Nov 24, 2019 -- "Being Christian, Being Thankful"  (Colossians 3:12-17)

Nov 17, 2019 -- "Two Men, Two Prayers, Two Verdicts"  (Luke 18:9-14)

Nov 10, 2019 -- "Don't Pull Down the Shade"  (Luke 14:1-14)

Nov 3, 2019 -- "Now We Are Children of God - What Will We Be?"  (1 John 3:1-3)

Oct 27, 2019 -- "Jesus' Prayer List: Part 3"  (John 17:20-26)

Oct 20, 2019 -- "Jesus' Prayer List: Part 2"  (John 17:6-19)

Oct 13, 2019 -- "Jesus' Prayer List: Part 1"  (John 17:1-5)

Oct 6, 2019 -- "Paul's Pastoral Prayer for the Church"  (Ephesians 3:12b-21)

Sept 29, 2019 -- "The Older Brother: Gospel for Good People"  (Luke 15:25-32)

Sept 22, 2019 -- "Coming Home"  (Luke 15:8-10)

Sept 15, 2019 -- "Figs, Anyone?"  (Luke 13:1-9)

Sept 8, 2019 -- "Disturbing the Peace; Checking the Weather"  (Luke 12:49-56)

Sept 1, 2019 -- "Faith in Old Bags?"  (Mark 2:18-22)

Aug 25, 2019 -- "What? Me Worry?" (Luke 12:22-34)

Aug 18, 2019 -- "Bearing Burdens"  (Galatians 5:25-6:5)

Aug 11, 2019 -- "Who Wouldn't Love a Good Samaritan?" (Luke 10:25-37)​

Aug 4, 2019 -- "In Position for Transition" (Luke 3:1-6) Rev. Doug Avilesbernal

July 28, 2019 -- "Stories of Grace" (Hebrews 4:14-16)

July 21, 2019 -- "The Grace of Giving" (2 Corinthians 8:1-7)

July 14, 2019 -- "When Grace Seems Unfair" (Matthew 20:1-15)
July 7, 2019 -- "The Wonder of Grace" (Ephesians 2:1-10)

​June 30, 2019 -- "Sins and Debts" (Luke 7:36-50)

June 23, 2019 -- "Chosen Vessel" (John 15:16-17 CSB) Guest Pastor Ravon Johnson

​June 16, 2019 -- "Faith That Amazed Jesus" (Luke 7:1-10)

June 9, 2019 -- "From Many One or From One Many?" (Acts 2:1-21)

June 2, 2019 -- "Theology at Midnight" (Acts 16:16-34)

May 26, 2019 -- "Do You Love Me?" (John 21:15-25)

​May 19, 2019 -- "Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus" (John 21:1-14)

May 12, 2019 -- "Doubters Welcome" (John 20: 24-31)

May 5, 2019 -- "Call the Next Witness" (Acts 5:27-32) Rev. Dr. Robert Reid

​Apr 28, 2019 -- "Believing is Seeing" (John 20:19-30)

Apr 21, 2019 -- "The Stone is Rolled Away" (John 20:1-18)

​Apr 14, 2019 -- "The Stones Will Cry Out" (Luke 19:28-44)

Apr 7, 2019 -- "Upon This Rock" (Matthew 16:13-20)

Mar 31, 2019 -- "Hearts of Stone" (Luke 11:37-54)

Mar 24, 2019 -- "Living Stones of Just Gathering Moss?" (1 Peter 2:1-10)

Mar 17, 2019 -- "Broken Stone, Broken People" (Exodus 32:1-14)

Mar 10, 2019 -- "Two Sides of Faith" (Hebrews 11:30-40)

​Mar 3, 2019 -- "By Faith: Moses" (Hebrews 11:23-29)

​Feb 24, 2019 -- "The Riddle" (Hebrews 11:17-22) Rev. Dr. Robert Reid

Feb 17, 2019 -- "By Faith: Noah and Abraham" (Hebrews 11:7-12)

Feb 10, 2019 -- Snow Day​

​Feb 3, 2019 -- "By Faith" (Hebrews 11:1-6)

Jan 27, 2019 -- "Sew Far, So Good" (Mark 4:2-20) Rev. Dr. Robert Reid

Jan 20, 2019 -- "Faith Under Fire" (Daniel 3:1-30)​

​Jan 13, 2019 -- "Where is God in the Tears?" (Matthew 2:13-22)

​Jan 6, 2019 -- "What Shall We Give Him?" (Matthew 2:1-12)

Sermons by Pastor Britt Carlson
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Sept 25, 2016 -- "What I See" (1 Corinthians 13:12-13)
                            As Christians we confess that we don't always see clearly. We see
                            ourselves, others and the world as in a mirror darkly. What would
                            it look like to see clearly? 1 Corinthians teaches us that love is what
                            it looks like to see clearly - a Love that we will know fully in heaven.

Sept 18, 2016 -- "Possessing Possessions" (Luke 16:1-13)
                            In one of the most surprising parables in the Gospels, the dishonest
                            steward is commended for his fraud! Is Jesus saying that fraud or 
                            dishonesty is a good thing? No. But Jesus is saying that we, like the 
                            steward, should be looking at the end game. Our wealth is to be used 
                            with an eye to eternity. Are our possessions possessing us or are we 
                            using our possessions as a way of living into the coming kingdom of God?

Sept 11, 2016 -- "The Lost and Found" (Luke 15:1-10)
                            Who is in and who is out? Who is lost and who is found? To questions
                            like those, Jesus tells the parables of the one lost sheep out of 100 and the
                            one lost coin out of ten. In both parables, the owner goes after what is lost,
                            not being content until it is found. Then the owner rejoices and invites
                            their friends to join in on the rejoicing! So it is with God. God is the seeker.
                            And God is the one inviting us today to enter into the joyful, heavenly
                            party celebrating the lost being found.

Sept 04, 2016 -- "The Potter" (Jeremiah 18:1-10)
                            God sends Jeremiah down to the potter's house to observe the potter
                            working at his wheel. If the clay won't form into the shape the potter 
                            wants, the potter pushes it back down and begins again. But the potter
                            doesn't throw the clay out. So it is with God. When God judges us it's in
                            hopes of reforming us into something good, true and beautiful. God 
                            doesn't abandon his chosen materials, but rather reforms them.

Aug 28, 2016 -- "The Way Finds Us" (Acts 3:1-16)
                            Peter and John heal a lame man at the Beautiful Gate and give credit to
                            the continuing healing ministry of the risen Christ. The church continues
                            today to do Christ's healing and teaching work in the world. The way of 
                            Christ includes both healing deeds and teaching creeds. Neglect of either
                            falls short of Christian mission. On Trinity Sunday we affirm that God's
                            mission to the world comes from the Father, is accomplished by Christ the
                            Son, through the church that lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Aug 21, 2016 -- "And What More Should I Say?" (Hebrews 11:29-12:2)
                            By faith the saints of old accomplished great things. But the things they 
                            accomplished only make sense because of the one they had faith in. What 
                            is faith? Faith isn't simply a positive outlook on life. Faith is trusting in and 
                            putting your weight down on the one who is faithful.

Aug 14, 2016 -- "Christmas in August" (Luke 12:32-40)
                            Following God often could more accurately be described as waiting for
                            God. We wait with anticipation for our Host, Jesus, to show up. We wait
                            in order to receive our blessedness. This waiting with anticipation is like
                            Christmas Eve. We don't have to hold onto second-class gifts. We can
                            hold out for the gifts of Christmas morning.

Aug 07, 2016 -- "CHURCH: The Hopeful Dead" (Romans 6:3-11)
                            We are the church. But what exactly is the church? The church is those
                            who have been baptized into Jesus' death so that we may be raised to
                            walk in newness of life. We are the "walking dead." We live our lives
                            out of our baptisms. Such a life is the opposite of morbid. Instead of
                            avoiding death, we can embrace life. Last in a series of six.

July 31, 2016 -- "CHURCH: Christ's Bride" (Song of Songs 6:1-10)
                            We are the church. But what exactly is the church? The church is the bride
                            of Christ. The church is the beloved of God, and the ones who have made
                            the Lord their "delightful one." The church is the people whose desire has
                            been reoriented and who respond to the wooing of the Lover. Fifth in a
                            series of six.

July 24, 2016 -- "CHURCH: Reconciling Community" (Ephesians 2:14-18). Message brought
                            to us by Pastor Keith Madsen.

July 17, 2016 -- "CHURCH: Unincorporated Area" (John 10:1-18)
                            We are the church. But what exactly is the church? The church is "an
                            unincorporated area." In an unincorporated area, you don't have to 
                            abide by the same rules as your city-dwelling neighbors. There's more 
                            room to "go in and out" of the constraints of society. We are a living 
                            Body able to welcome the kingdom of God in the midst of a fallen world. 
                            Third in a series of six.

July 10, 2016 -- "CHURCH: Hospital for Sinners" (Matthew 9:9-13; Luke 19:1-10)
                           We are the church. But what exactly is the church? The church is a 
                            hospital for sinners. Jesus didn't come to make a holy huddle, but to
                            heal those who are sick. Jesus isn't afraid of our sin. We can't expect
                            to be healed when we keep hiding from God and from one another.
                            We have to bring all of our "stuff" before God so that we can receive
                            the healing we so need. Second in a series of six.

July 03, 2016 -- "CHURCH: Companions of God" (John 15:12-17)
                            We are the church. But what exactly is the church? The church are the
                            people who have been made friends of God. We are God's companions - 
                            the people who break bread with God - because Jesus has chosen us and
                            if we do what Jesus says. First in a series of six.

June 26, 2016 -- "Evergreen Values: Acceptance" (Acts 13:42-52)
                            Our final Evergreen value is acceptance. To understand what it means to 
                            accept one another, however, we must first realize that we, the Gentiles,
                            are the ones initially not accepted. Once we realize our identity as the 
                            lucky ones who get into the kingdom only by the grace of God we can
                            learn to accept one another in Jesus: a graced people accepting other 
                            graced people.

June 19, 2016 -- "Evergreen Values: Cultural Diversity" (Acts 11:1-18)  Message brought to
                            us by Jennifer Ikoma-Motzko of Japanese Baptist Church.

June 12, 2016 -- "Evergreen Values: A Display of Unity" (1 Corinthians 12:12-21)  Message
                            brought to us by Rev Sean Brown of Queen Anne Baptist Church.

June 05, 2016 -- "Evergreen Values: Learning Community" (Acts 2:42-47)  Message brought
                            to us by Rev Mindi Welton-Mitchell of Burien Community Church.

May 29, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Journeys" (Genesis 12:1-9)
                            (Theme: For Genesis' first eleven chapters, the story of God and Creation
                            spans the whole world. But in Genesis 12, the beginning begins to end,
                            and God focuses in on one man through whom the Lord will once again
                            bless the whole world. Abram, chosen by God, is called to leave his
                            family to go to a land that God will show him. Abram's obedience is
                            the beginning of God's new work to bring back a people lost and 

May 22, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Survival" (Genesis 11:10-31)
                            (Theme: A family leaves their home in Ur of the Chaldeans to set out
                            for a new country to call their own. One of the women of the family is
                            barren, leaving her vulnerable and potentially exposed to poverty. How
                            does God preserve God's people through the trials of the world?)

May 15, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Language" (Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-21)
                            (Theme: At the tower of Babel, the Lord confuses the language of 
                            humankind and scatters them across the earth. But at Pentecost, as the
                            tongues of fire descend and the disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit,
                            they are able to speak in other languages. The Spirit of Jesus Christ
                            brings together what can't be brought together through human efforts.)

May 08, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Renewal" (Genesis 6-9)
                            (Theme: In the beginning, God saw Creation and it was good. But now
                            God sees Creation, and it is corrupt. There is one righteous man, however,
                            Noah, who enters in the ark with his family and is saved. Yahweh saves
                            when Yahweh remembers Noah. Jesus is the new Noah in whom God
                            remembers the world - the new ark we enter into and are saved.)

May 01, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Brothers & Mothers" (Genesis 4:1-16)
                            (Theme: The fall gains speed. Farther and farther humankind falls away
                            from God. The fall is taken to its logical end: murder and death. Cain takes
                            the power of life and death into his own hands, because he hates God's
                            grace. But for Cain to live after his horrible act, he himself must receive
                            God's grace.)

Apr 24, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Sin" (Genesis 3:1-21)
                            (Theme: In a world that God declares is good, it's utterly inconceivable
                            that evil and sin come to be. But through the serpent's pious, deceitful
                            question, Adam and Eve are us. We who were made for perfect communion
                            with God are led astray from obedience to the Lord's Word by our very

Apr 17, 2016 -- "Beginnings: Creation" (Genesis 1)
                            (Theme: In the beginning God created, and it was good. All of Creation 
                            is good. Existence is good. Evil is only an irrational, inconceivable ripping-   
                            away of goodness. Goodness and fruitfulness are markers of God's Creation
                            and are how we were created to exist.)

Apr 10, 2016 -- "The Lion and the Lamb" (John 2:13-22)
                            (Theme: The "yes" of God in Jesus Christ turns into a "no" to all things
                             that keep people from the God who travels the countryside among the
                             crowds. Jesus drives us from our temples out into the world to be a 
                             tabernacle people. Jesus drives us out because Jesus himself has
                             gone out. Jesus is the God who did not stay in heaven, but who 
                             came down to pursue us.)

Apr 03, 2016 -- "Where in the World is God?" (Rev Gregg Sneller, International Ministries)
                            (Theme: God is in the midst of us, the local church, no matter what our size, 
                            and the Lord has placed us in our community to share the love of Jesus.)

Mar 27, 2016 -- "New Life" (Luke 24:1-12)
                            (Theme: Easter is the beginning of God's new creation. It's the beginning,
                            but it's just the beginning. In Jesus, God fulfills scriptural motifs and 
                            promises of the Davidic king and suffering servant. And in Jesus, God
                            does something completely new and unexpected: the resurrection.)

Mar 20, 2016 -- "A Little in Front of Us" (Luke 19:28-38)
                            (Theme: Jesus is always a little in front of us. Like a ship cutting a deep
                            wake through the water, Jesus goes ahead of us doing what we are
                            unable to do. We follow behind, fearful of where Jesus is going. We
                            first see this dynamic as Jesus, the triumphant king, enters Jerusalem
                            to overthrow the powers that be. We then see Jesus in front of us on
                            the Cross where for the first time the world declares, "This is the King
                            of the Jews.")

Mar 13, 2016 -- "Yes, And ..." (Luke 19:11-23)
                          (Theme: The first rule of improv is "yes, and." The rule of "yes, and" says
                          that when given a line by your partner you accept the reality they've
                          created and build on it. This is what the nobleman expects when he gives
                          his slaves their pounds: He expects them to take what they have been
                          given and build on it, entering into the joy of mutually creating reality.
                          While the first two slaves double their talents, the third slave returns
                          his only intact - there's no gain. The parable teaches us that his fear-based,
                          risk-averse living is opposed to the kingdom of God. In the kingdom of
                          God, we respond to God's "yes" to us and get to answer "and ...")

Mar 6, 2016 -- "Prodigals" (Luke 15:11-32)
                          (Theme: The youngest son squanders his wealth and comes back to the
                          father with empty hands. By all accounts, he's shamed his father. But
                          the father disregards society's standards when he runs towards his son,
                          welcoming him back into the family no questions asked. Are we like the
                          father or are we like the elder son? Do we give without holding anything

Feb 28, 2016 -- "Feckless Fig Trees" (Luke 13:1-9)
                          (Theme: As Jesus continues his journey to Jerusalem, he becomes direct in
                          his message: The end is near, repent and believe. Those of us who know
                          the story, however, know how it ends: Jesus goes through his testing
                          alone, abandoned by those who have said they love him. And yet, even
                          here, Jesus is the good, merciful gardener, interceding on behalf of fig
                          trees that should be bearing fruit and yet are not.)

Feb 21, 2016 -- "Glory" (Luke 9:28-36)
                          (Theme: Peter, John, and Jesus go up to a mountain to pray when Jesus'
                          face changes and his clothes shine brilliantly white. Peter wants to hold
                          onto this moment. He doesn't understand that discipleship will mean the
                          Cross. For Christians, suffering and death are always the enemy. But
                          sometimes, suffering and death is where whole-hearted obedience to God

Feb 14, 2016 -- "Imitation of God" (Luke 4:1-13)
                          (Theme: In Luke 4, Jesus quotes Deuteronomy three times to resist
                          the devil's temptations. By resisting the devil, Jesus resists Israel's
                          reoccurring temptations: to certainty of her own choosing, to dominion,
                          and to playing the hero. He is completely obedient to God and God's
                          commands. In Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, he sums up, redoes,
                          and epitomizes Israel's history. By being so obedient, Jesus gives us a 
                          new example to imitate.)

Feb 07, 2016 -- "For I am a Sinful Man" (Luke 5:1-11)
                          (Theme: Simon Peter and the fisherman fished all night, but caught
                          nothing. Yet, when Jesus tells them to put out into deep water and let
                          down their nets, their nets almost break from the abundance. The
                          abundance leads Simon Peter to declare, "Go away from me, Lord, for
                          I am a sinful man!" Repentance is always preceded by grace. Heartfelt
                          change comes from lives that have experienced God's unexpected

​Jan 31, 2016 -- "Making Room" (1 Corinthians 13:1-13)
                          (Theme: In the church, many things seem to be of utmost importance:
                          good teaching, compassion for the poor, self-sacrifice. But 1 Cor. 13
                          teaches us that without love even the best of things are nothing. But
                          with love, every creature and all of creation is given the room to
                          become all that God has created them to be.)

Jan 24, 2016 -- "Church Rules" (1 Corinthians 12:14-26)
                          (Theme: The church is the body of Christ. As the church we are our
                          own persons and yet are also dependent upon others to know who
                          we are and where we fit in God's kingdom. To function as a healthy
                          body, we have to obey Christ, our head, we have to have special
                          respect for the weaker members, and we have to have love which covers
                          all things.)

Jan 17, 2016 -- "Gifts that Keep on Giving" (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)
                          (Theme: Through the Spirit of Jesus God has set up a new economy - 
                          an economy of abundant gifts. We, the Body of Christ, stand on the
                          lookout for the gifts God has given. Our gifts often surprise us - they
                          aren't necessarily what we would have chosen for ourselves. But our
                          gifts are for the common good - each person contributing to a 
                          healthy Body. A body, however, only stays healthy through constant
                          exercise, through giving away what it has received. By giving away
                          the gifts we have been given we keep alive the Spirit of the gift.)

Jan 10, 2016 -"Burning but Not Consumed" (Luke 3:15-22; Isaiah 43:1-7)
                          (Theme: After Jesus is baptized, he begins to pray. As he prays, the
                          heavens open, the Holy Spirit descends and a voice declares that Jesus
                          is the beloved, well-pleasing Son. Prayer continues our baptism,
                          immersing us in the presence of God that burns but does not consume.
                          We can fear prayer, thinking it a task that will consume our energy.
                          In fact, prayer is the gift of God's holy fire which makes us alive,
                          burning with God's love for us.)

Jan 03, 2016 -- "By Another Road" (Matthew 2:1-12; Ephesians 3:1-12)
                        (Theme: Christians celebrate Epiphany on January 6th - God's surprising
                        inclusion of the Gentiles in the work of salvation. The Magi, Gentile
                        astrologers looked down upon by pious Jews and later Christians,
                        come to Herod seeking the newborn King. As is the case when power
                        is built on fear, Herod and all Jerusalem are frightened at the thought
                        of a new ruler. But this ruler, the baby in the manger, is one whose
                        only power is the love that moves the sun and stars, a love that includes
                        even the Magi.)

Dec 27, 2015 -- "Kids and the Kingdom" (Luke 2:41-52)
                        (Theme: Our Luke passage is the only scripture that speaks of Jesus
                        when he was a child. This day is often called "Holy Family Sunday,"
                        but in Jesus the boundaries of the family are expanded and reformed.
                        For parents who have great hopes for their children, the separation
                        and redefinition can be painful. But we learn from both Jesus and
                        Samuel that even though we can't always tell where salvation will
                        come from, God is at work to bring new life.)

Dec 20, 2015 -- "Songs for a Savior: The Song of the Angels" (Luke 2:1-32)
                        (Theme: Throughout the Old Testament there are reports that one 
                        day the Gentiles will come to worship the one true God of Israel in the
                        the temple. Jesus is born,  and now the glory of God, instead of being 
                        in the temple, is out on a farm being revealed to shepherds! God's favor
                        has come, and it is changing where and how we see purity and
                        holiness. The salvation that was first for the Jews is now being
                        revealed in its fullness for all people.)

Dec 13, 2015 -- "Songs for a Savior: The Song of Mary" (Luke 1:26-56)
                        (Theme: Oftentimes as Baptists, we look suspiciously at Mary and
                        those who hold her in high regard. But as God prepares for the coming
                        of Jesus, he chooses Mary to be the bearer of Jesus, God-with-us.
                        Mary is our exemplar of what a life of faith looks like. In Mary - a 
                        young girl with no social standing - the Lord begins to turn the world
                        upside down through the salvation of Jesus Christ.)

Dec 06, 2015 -- "Songs for a Savior: The Song of Zechariah" (Luke 1:5-25; 58-59)
                        (Theme: What to do in the Interim Time.)